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Lion in da Sun Boat with Vacationers

  Lion In Da Sun uses a fast, comfortable 2007 Scout 28 foot, 6 Passenger, 30 Knot Powerboat 282SF, complete with toilet, changing room and plenty of shade. Phone get you to and from the many beautiful islands and beaches. It has one of the most comfortable center consoles in its class to get you to and from the many beautiful islands and beaches. It's beautiful lines are powered by twin 2012 Suzuki 225 4 stroke outboards for quiet operation and maximum fuel efficiency. This boat is one of, if not the most comfortable private day charter boat in its class available on St. John. It really turns heads on the dock and at anchor.

We DO have a bathroom on board for you to use if needed but as we tell our guests, it is difficult to "go" while moving 30knots through the water. We get between destinations fast enough (usually no more than 15-30 minutes) that you can always find a much more pleasing facility. As for simple changing space, there is a cabin that allows for private changing.
With the price of fuel a concern we felt it was best to choose the most fuel-efficient engines available. Minimizing fuel consumption each day on the water translates into a more affordable adventure. Our business depends on being able to show you beautiful destinations on and below our Caribbean waters, our Suzuki engines are the most efficient 4-strokes on the market today. With us you do not have to assume the tanks were full when you started (most companies require you to top off the tank at the end of the day and many of our competitors do not even have working tank gauges).

Lion In Da Sun Boat with Bimini Top

You will find the cabin on board to be one very pleasing feature. Rain in the Virgin Islands is very “unpredictably predictable” – it will usually rain every day, somewhere between one minute and one hour. Stow your bags, gear, and cameras in the cabin and they stay dry all day no matter the weather or waves. The easily accessible walk-in cabin also lets us bring along some fun water floats and still keep them out of your way when not being used.

And with our new Bimini top we offer you SHADE protection for those wonderful full sun days!

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