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The testimonials below reflect some of the experiences past guests had aboard Lion In Da Sun. If you would like to see more comments or reviews by previous guests try searching for us on any of these travel forums:

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“We had a great time aboard Lion in Da Sun. Josh was a great Captain, and had us all at ease on the boat from the start of the trip. We saw Jost and Virgin Gorda, and learned more than we expected to, as Josh is very knowledgeable about the area. Had a blast, and will be back to book another trip soon!!”

Mike & Carrie Sanger

“Thanks to Captain Josh for an amazing day. From the incredible snorkeling, beautiful beaches and the friendly food and drink establishments, this was a trip to remember. We greatly appreciate the professionalism and attention to detail that made this a memorable trip for our entire family.”
Kevin & Sue

“Of the boat trips available from Maho Bay Camps, this is probably the most exciting ride. The boat is small and fast, and cuts through the waves. Our Captain Josh was a laid back and accommodating guide. He very graciously put up with our party's lingering to snorkel at the caves even though we got back later than he had scheduled.”
Gordon & Deborah Thomas

“What a super time we had! I'm a veteran climbing guide so I know the difference between a guide that does the minimum and one that, like you, really truly should be guiding - because they go way out of their way to do everything they can to be flexible and accommodating in order to give their clients the best day possible. Not only that, you're thinking about what would make a great day for us - like bringing us to the rock island so I could jump out and climb around on it, and Christmas Eve lunch in Christmas cove! How great! The memory of diving off the bow into the warm blue ocean stuck with me (as did the sand) for the entire ride home and I still fondly remember it today. The pride, too, of swimming all the way around Waterlemon Cay, braving the swells on the far side is still with me too. (Even though I think my leaky snorkel was because I was clenching my teeth the whole time!) You were so kind to go with me, since the rest of my family wasn't up for it, and your keen eye led me to see so much more than I would have. You even dove down to get a starfish for me to see up close. Wow! You truly are a guide to set an example for all others. (And I just thought we were getting a captain!) Matt, too, you were fabulous to accompany me on the one foray. I appreciated your quiet, supportive presence. You were sweet to stick with my mom when she came out too! Oh, and lest I forget, you were outstanding boatmen - very conscientious about where you anchored, etc.

We all had only glowing things to say about you guys, your skill, your professionalism, your positive, relaxed attitudes... I only wish we could've hired you for every day we were there! I've already recommended you to friends!”
Julie Seyfert Lillis

“We wanted to thank you for taking us out on the water last week. After arriving on Jost Van Dyke it didn’t take long to figure out how much fun the day was going to be! Showing us the mentality on Jost certainly brings new meaning to “island time.” I’ve never had a more relaxing Wednesday afternoon than the one we had on White Bay.”
Kim & David
Concord, NH

“The idea of designing our own trip was what drew us to your boat this year. Having visited the Baths on Virgin Gorda last year, we wanted to try something a little more secluded and off the regular tourist path. We really appreciated being able to talk with you ahead of time about our day on the water (and below!), and love the fact that we could change our plans mid-trip!”

Mark, Julie, Andrew, Ryan & Allison
Newton, MA

“Just a quick note thanking you for the trip last week. I think you’ve sparked a new interest in the history of pirates for Tyler, he’s since begged us to buy him several books on the pirates you told him about! Its snowing like crazy here today and I’m completely jealous while I think of how sunny and beautiful it must be down there today.”
The Whitman Clan
Buffalo, NY

“Thanks for taking us on our snorkel expedition! The places we went off of St John were amazing, even more so than the ones we went with our car last year. I didn’t know so much beautiful reef existed in so many different styles, some for soft coral and some for hard coral the captain knew all kinds of different places.”
The Alexander’s
York, PA

“Matt, I wanted to send a HUGE thank you to all of you at Lion in da Sun! A few weeks back we had the pleasure of going out on the boat with Captain Jordan. We had such a good time and the outing MADE our trip! We spent time on White Bay and Great Harbor and we fell in love with JVD! Jordan was great introducing us to everyone and giving us background into everything. We had such a good time. We met the coolest people we have ever ran across. Raquel at the One Love was a doll, I love that lady! After several libations at various locations on JVD ( Ivan's Rocks!}  we hit Sandy Spit and Smuggler's Cove for some relaxation on the beach and time in the water. The trip was EVERYTHING we were looking for!

Jordan was so laid back, funny, and easy to get along with. His experience on the water and abilities as a Captain are amazing. We felt comfortable, relaxed, and had so much fun...

We love you guys! We have already started saving and planning for next years trip with a few of our friends and we will be calling on you guys again to get all of us out on the water! It was great also running into your brother at the Starfish Marketplace just before we left to go home...

Take care Matt and thanks so much for taking such good care of two beach bums from California. We had a blast! If you guys are ever here in the California Wine Country, look us up. We will return the favor!”
Don and Stephanie Ricci
Santa Rosa, Ca

We don’t carry a guest book on the boat because we have this one online! We love hearing your comments and seeing your favorite pictures of your adventure aboard Lion In Da Sun.


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