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Full Day Charter

$650 for up to six passengers ($75 per person for each over six) + fuel depending on destinations & price per gallon (usually between $90-180*).
These charters are 8:30am – 4:30pm.
British Customs is $35 - $40 per person, cash only.

Half Day Charter

$500 + fuel depending on destinations & price per gallon (usually between $60-$120).
Half day charters are 8:30am – 1:30pm.

  • We charter our boat with a captain, snorkel gear on board, and a cooler with ice and water (you’re welcome to bring any other drinks/snacks). We can accommodate 1-6 guests on our private charters. With two boats we can accommodate up to 12 guests.

  • We hold dates with a credit card per our cancellation policy: ½ price if cancelled within 48 hours of the charter. No deposit is needed. Reserving a date prior to arrival for any vacation dates November through August is highly recommended.

  • Payment is due at completion of the trip and we accept Visa, MC, Travelers Checks, and Cash (or any combination).

  • f you are planning a trip to the British Virgin Islands, a valid passport or birth certificate with enhanced driver's license is required for each guest. An original “raised seal” birth certificate with photo ID is only valid for children under 16 years of age. British customs collects $35 - $40 per person cash, which will be due upon boarding Lion In Da Sun.

  • As captains we are all required to have a number of certifications that we DO carry. We all have a USCG Merchant Mariner Master License, British Boatmaster Licence, CPR and First Aid, Drug Free Consortium Membership, an International BST-STCW (Safety training) endorsement, Vessel Security Officer endorsement, Crowd Control and Crisis Management endorsement, and a Transportation Workers Identification Card.

  • The Baths are a British Virgin Islands National Park attraction and require an entrance fee to enjoy. Choosing to explore the Baths will require our guests to bring money ashore to purchase entrance from a Park Ranger ($6 Adults, $3 Child).

  • Tipping of the captain for outstanding service is greatly appreciated. Like the bartenders and wait staff in the Caribbean, captains and crew on boats work for gratuity as well.

* Lower ranges would be for days around Jost/Tortola, higher ends are for Virgin Gorda trips – the furthest destination we visit in a day. Exact trip fuel used is calculated with our digital gauges; meaning we don’t need to visit the fuel dock with guests at the end of the day, giving you more time on the water.

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